Cultural mediation

On the one hand, the starting point: childhood memories that take shape, color and volume in the stables. On the other hand, a framed arrival that refers to the here and now in a more standardized form but symbolizing an individual present.

In the middle, the spectators assist to this process in an arrangement which is not without recalling the inglorious era of the universal exhibitions of the past centuries, and which allows the participants an individual and subjective reappropriation of the presentation of their origins.

Imagined and directed by the French-Swiss artist Adrien Jutard, the “Boxes” project is realized by migrants, with or without previous artistic practices. It is part of the Spiegelberg festival’s desire to bring new cultural and identity-related reflections. By investing several places in the Franches-Montagnes and by giving a voice to people who have a history and a particular attachment to these places through the podcast, the Spiegelberg festival puts a particular emphasis on anchoring and belonging. This project allows different perspectives to coexist on the places invested, by putting forward people who live here, but come from elsewhere.