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Spiegelberg Festival

Spiegelberg: a name that has become part of the memory of the Franches-Montagnes. Long before the great land clearing of the mountain of Les Bois, the fortress of Spiegelberg stood on the current ridge of the Sommêtres, in the heart of this once inhospitable land populated by wild animals. Then known as Castle of Muriaux, Murival (from mirer, to look and val, valley) became Spiegelberg in German. The fortress was chosen as a place of residence by a noble family which soon renamed after it. The coat of arms chosen by the Spiegelberg family (a golden shield with six mountains topped with a silver mirror) became, in the 18th century, the coat of arms of the current district of the Franches-Montagnes.

The desire to set up a new festival is not meant to multiply the important events already established in the Franches-Montagnes, but to bring new cultural impulses and identity. Indeed, the protagonists, each from their home towns in Switzerland or abroad and through the prism of diverse professional experiences, cogitate around the need to bring an important, cutting-edge and unifying event, a contrast that deserves a place within the strong cultural personality of the region that saw them born and raised.

Even-though people from the canton du Jura sometimes leave the area for professional or personal purpose and do not always return, the bond with this region remains unbreakable. In addition to its tourist attractions, the Franches-Montagnes has a wealth of riches, which the Spiegelberg festival aims to highlight: its history, culture, rurality, natural and landscape heritage, commitment and the strength of character of its inhabitants.

Association L’Astrid Paratte

The association “L’Astrid Paratte” was formed in January 2022 in order to conceive and develop the Spiegelberg Festival. For several years, the members have been actively volonteering to build the project. The association brings together its strengths and specificities to work on finding venues, programming, podcasting, cultural mediation, coordination, administration and communication for the Spiegelberg Festival.

The active members and their roles are :

  • Félicien Donzé (president) – Artistic programming, podcast, communication, administration, grant applications
  • Lydia Pizzagalli (Treasurer) – Administration and grant applications
  • Sylvain Dubail (secretary) – Site coordination, communication and decoration
  • Chloé Donzé – Graphic design, artistic programming and communication
  • Aude Gête – Venue coordination, cultural mediation
  • Mélanie Donzé – Administration, grant applications and sponsorship requests
  • Loris Vettese – Programming
  • Hanna Frésard – Podcast creation and cultural mediation
  • Julien Thonon – Venue coordination and cultural mediation
  • Patricia Riedweg – Volunteer coordination
  • Joanne Schwaar – Hospitality coordination (artists and people with reduced mobility)
  • Lucien Ourny – Catering coordination
  • Michel Martin – Catering coordination
  • Alice Donzé – Sponsorship requests and graphic design
  • Quentin Baumeler – Sponsorship and IT applications
  • Jérôme Gogniat – Podcast
  • Loïse Bilat – Cultural mediation
  • Emilie Pelissier – Production and communication
  • Valérie Boillat – Volunteer coordination
  • Mélanie Kornmayer – Communication
  • Lavinia Cairoli – Bar coordination
  • Valère Veya – Podcast and technique
  • Gautier Teuscher – Technology
  • Aleksandra Planinic – Support to the podcast management team
  • Jonas Voisard – IT


The charter of the association gathers the principles and the goals of its functioning and of the events it conceives. These principles and practices serve the three objectives of the association, namely: to lead new cultural and identity reflections; to share widely the attachment to our region; and to question the notion of belonging.

Reflection on culture and identity

Through interaction between local, national and international actors, L’Astrid Paratte participates in the opening of a cultural reflection, original and accessible to a large public. Its members are committed to bringing diverse cultural visions and practices to the Franches-Montagnes and to promoting cutting-edge, challenging and quality programming in its events. The events promoted by L’Astrid Paratte aim at renewing identity and cultural reflections according to a participative, dynamic and integrative approach.

We develop contexts that encourage the questioning of notions of belonging, identity, anchoring and regional attachment in a reflective historical, political and economic perspective.

Territorial and environmental reflection

Our challenge is to highlight the region and its cultural, natural and environmental heritage while creating unique encounters between artists and places. In the course of our public activities, to invest and enhance the places in a soft, light, ephemeral way and respectful of biodiversity. By putting art and the environment in dialogue, we want to share our attachment to our region and its values while considering our multiple affiliations.

Common values

As members of L’Astrid Paratte, we are committed to openness and listening to each other as long as our words respect the values of dignity, diversity, inclusiveness and solidarity with the living. In the various events of L’Astrid Paratte, its members work to promote intergenerational, intercultural and social encounters, discovery, movement, the articulation between nomadic and local, and social justice. We aim for efficient resource management and respect for the environment while strengthening the dynamism and vitality of the Franches-Montagnes.


Association L’Astrid Paratte
Spiegelberg Festival
Rue des Prés 12
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